About Us

We are a job agency for handymen, also known as a handyman staffing agency or a handyman employment agency. It is a specialized agency that connects skilled handymen with individuals or businesses in need of their services. We serve as intermediaries, helping handymen find work opportunities while providing convenience for clients who require handyman services.

Skill Matching

Job Placement: We actively seek out job opportunities for handymen registered with their agency. They work with various clients, such as homeowners, property managers, businesses, and construction companies, to find suitable handyman positions.

Our agencies assess the skills and qualifications of handymen and match them with appropriate job assignments. This ensures that the handymen have the necessary expertise to perform the required tasks effectively.

Skill Diversity

Skill Diversity: Handymen possess a wide range of skills, including general maintenance, repairs, installations, plumbing, electrical work, painting, carpentry, and more. Job agencies for handymen aim to cover a broad spectrum of these skills to meet the diverse needs of clients.